Welcome to fly in HELSINKI, FINLAND

Finland and the Nordic countries in general are pioneers in gender equality.

The airflow does not judge, discriminate or disapprove. We are all equal here.

Welcome to Fööni

Fööni is a 4.3m (14 ft) ISG wind tunnel that was opened in September 2018. The tunnel is located in the REDI shopping mall downtown Helsinki, six minutes subway ride from city center railway station.

Flying in Fööni

As a pro flyer you can get coaching sessions from our own coaches and international visitors and take part in other events targeted for more experienced flyers. 

A little Finnish lesson for you: 
Fööni [ˈfø̞ːni] = hairdryer

Package 1: min 5h for 425€/h

5 hours of tunnel time in 7 days

(Pack price 2125€ incl. VAT 10%)

Fööni’s coaches +150€/h

Private coaches starts from 180€/h

Package 2: min 10h for 399€/h

10 hours of tunnel time in 14 days (* 

(Pack price 3990€ incl. VAT 10%)

Fööni’s coaches +150€/h

Private coaches starts from 180€/h


Fööni is located 6 minutes away from city center railway station in Redi shopping mall at Hermannin Rantatie 11.

Find more routes at Helsinki City Transport

or Taxi Helsinki.



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Helsinki Tourist Information provides free information about the city, main attractions, events, and services. The Tourist Information provides tips and advice for making the most of your holiday. At the same time you can pick up brochures and maps.



*) Our booker fits the bookings 7 to  or 14 consecutive days and preferring Fööni’s off off-peak times
(~from 8AM to 12:30PM and from 20:00 to late evening).
You can see our off-peak and peak prices from our webshop
Fly Helsinki packs are not for resale.

Page updated Jan 18th 2024.