Fööni organizes tunnel flying courses in three different formats, ensuring that everyone who starts a new hobby can find the most preferred form of implementation while the goal remains the same, i.e. to learn the skills of independent and safe tunnel flying. 

In Fööni's courses you'll learn independent and safe tunnel flying skills!

The core content of the courses is finding a stable basic flight position, turns, moving up, down and sideways, as well as going into and out of the tunnel independently (videos 1-9 of the attached playlist)

Choose the course format you like below and sign up!

Tunnel flying course in groups

199 € / 15 min

Over two days spreading tunnel flying beginner's course in groups is a fun way to start flying, because you can immediately get to know other flyers who are on the same starting stage! 
We arrange beginnes' courses monthly, you can find the schedules from our Facebook events!!

Tunnel flying course as a private course

450 € / 15 min

Tunnel flying course as a private course is the fastest and most efficient way to start a new fun hobby! In Fööni's pro course you fly the required 15 minutes for your flight license during the same flight session.  

The course includes training before the flight, 15 minutes of flight time, and final feedback. 

Return flyers' offers

4x4min or 1x15min

If you already have flown in Fööni you can complete the Fööni's tunnel flight course at special priced level training.

You complete the flight time required for pro flyer status in four parts at a pace that suits you. 

As a return flyer you also get a discount on the 15-minute pro course.

After the course you can get pro flyers' affordable prices and deepen into the different types of tunnel flying!

After the course you can practice flying both independently and with our trainers. Our trainers are always available during our opening hours. You also get to participate in for different skill levels organized huckjams

Learning the skills of tunnel flying is individual and largely depends on which type of flying you want to focus on. 

Tunnel flying disciplines: 

In addition to different group sizes most of the disciplines also have different skill levels: for example, in FS you train and compete in four different classes.

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Flight Club

Flight Club is open for all Fööni's pro flyers!

You can join the club by paying the seasonal membership fee. 

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Flight Club prices starting from 80€/10mins!